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“Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right thing.”

                                                                                                                - Peter Drucker


Early days


In 1952, W. Harwell Allen, Jr. and his brother, Tom, founded Allen Brothers Construction Company in Memphis, TN.  Since Holiday Inn was also founded in Memphis that same year, Allen Brothers became an early builder of Holiday Inn hotels and later, developers and managers for them.  In 1956, Harry O’Hara joined Allen Brothers to provide capital for operating growth and Allen & O’Hara (A&O) was born.


Allen & O'Hara Then

Since that time, our A&O Team has worked to stay at the forefront of the operations industries. We have built a strong network and deliver quality service focusing on bottom-line profit. As an innovator in property management, our company has proven itself by treating each project as our first one – with time and attention given to every detail.




Allen & O'Hara Now

The properties managed by our A&O team have consistently performed above the markets in their competitive set. The Experience to generate the numerous awards, continued high Guest Satisfaction, and positive Associate Opinions are all examples of the dedication of providing the best product for everyone involved. Reputations with all the major Brands, Procurement Vendors, Insurance Brokers, and OTAs gives us the best relationships to ensure the best outcome for you.


In 2015, we expanded Allen & O'Hara to Minneapolis, MN to better serve our clients and expand our

reach to properties around the country.

Matthew Mills - President

Mr. Mills has been in the hospitality industry since the late 1970's, and has had the opportunity to work in all departments within the hotel operations.  He has been a guest lecturer for the University of Memphis in its Hospitality Curriculum and has been honored and recognized as the "Nation's Best Hotel Manager" by major hotel brands.  Mr. Mills has been a loyal member of the Allen & O'Hara team for over 35 years.


Michael Donaldson - Vice President, Operations

Mr. Donaldson is a highly accomplished professional with a successful broad-based career in defining and guiding hospitality best practices. Mr. Donaldson has succeeded in every hotel he has managed for more than 30-years and is known for an upbeat hands-on management style and for making hotels profitable and successful.  He has managed in excess of $80 million in revenues, recruited and directed

hospitality teams of over 500 professionals that focus on profit, ownership's objectives, and customer service.



Sallie Sutton - Director of HR

Ms. Sutton has been in the Human Resource field for over 25 years. In addition to her seven years with Allen & O'Hara, she has also gained experience with National Bank of Commerce and Physiotherapy Associates. Her knowledge in Benefit Administration, HR Compliance, Payroll Administration, Employee Relations, and onboarding are a few of the advantages she brings and has been able to share.


SueAnn Aumann - Director of Revenue Management

Ms. Aumann has been a vital member of the A&O team for over 25 years. Her ability to understand the complicated formulas of Rate/Mix Management has been recognized by many of the major Brands. She has been involved in the development of both National and International Revenue Management systems developed and now used by almost every Hotel chain.


Peterson, Whitaker, & Bjork, LLC - Corporate Accountant

We utilize the services of PWB CPAs and Advisors to ensure the financial statements and accounting processes are completed accurately and timely for our properties.  PWB specializes in outsourced accounting services and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



Allen and O'Hara handles everything for your hotel, including:

• Operations

• Sales & Marketing

• Risk Management

• Revenue Management

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At Allen & O'Hara, we utilize our staff's experience, as well as the reputation we have earned over nearly seventy years in the industry.  We focus on combining our extensive knowledge and the local teams' insight to give clients the advantage of achieving astonishing results.


We will maximize your profits and minimize your time by offering the following services:

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    We use a direct hands-on approach to understand your market thoroughly. Our ongoing training provides the support each property needs to be successful. Your success depends on the full integration of every point of contact with the Guests, Associates, OTAs, and your Brand relationships. Our ability to work with the top leaders in Procurement will ensure you get the best pricing available for all your purchases. In addition, our Associate Training Program's ability to keep everyone proactive will give you the comfort to know all associates can address and handle every Guest and every issue that may come about throughout the day. We focus on creating an environment for our Guests that will ensure they will tell stories about their ideal stay.



    Our A&O Sales group works directly with the local team to enhance their knowledge of the market. We focus on direct sales, smart advertising, and intense public relations to include community involvement. By utilizing our team's Experience and the local sales team's knowledge of the market, we can ensure the proper pricing mix to sell every room for the most amount possible every night. Staying involved with the community and attending local city functions provides your property the high exposure you desire. Knowing each market in detail will give the best decision in utilizing the best advertising. We only advertise in practical areas, and we rely on numerous resources to ensure your advertising is smart.


    At A&O we fully understand the importance of Risk Management.  We work with our brokers to ensure you are getting the best savings possible. We can do this due to our innovative Property Safety Inspection Programs, which are used as a proactive tool and can often reduce premiums. We also work diligently to reduce claims, ensure proper training is in place and that all general liability and property coverage are compliant with your loan and Brand.


    We carefully watch the property, market, and current events to control inventory by making educated restrictions that continually change as the business evolves. Our strategy involves continuously monitoring the market and be ahead of the trends. Our reputation allows us to work with the OTAs and ensure we are getting the best return possible. Always keeping close communications with the local sales manager will ensure that nothing was overlooked as we measure historical trends, current city trends, market demand, and other unique events to provide the best possible opportunities are available to the hotel.






With our staff's experience of almost seventy years in the industry, we consistently deliver services above your expectations, creating a strong, long-term loyal clientele. Since our start in 1952, we have focused on keeping up with technology and staying ahead of our clients' needs. Our industry expertise gives us the advantage of helping you achieve astonishing results.  We focus on performing to your needs, whether for short-term consulting up to a long-term relationship with your properties.



While we are based in Memphis, Tennessee and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Allen & O'Hara has worked with many hotels across the country.

To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today!


Allen & O'Hara has worked with hotels all over the United States. Some of our past projects include:

AGC Award


EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER SERVICES - Marriott, Multiple locations (Two-Time Award Winner)

GOLD QUALITY ASSURANCE Award - Marriott, Multiple locations (17-Time Winner)

Highest Rated Hotel in Overall Guest Satisfaction - Marriott, Brookfield, Wisconsin


MarCom Platinum Award

MARRIOTT QUALITY ASSURANCE Award - multiple locations (14-time winner)

NATIONAL MANAGER OF THE YEAR - Marriott International (4-time winner)

PRESIDENT Award - Courtyard by Marriott

RED CROSS VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Award - memphis mid-south Chapter

ROLLING OUT THE RED CARPET Award (2-time winner)

SILVER QUALITY ASSURANCE Award - Marriott, multiple locations (11-time winner)

Silver Award for Direct Marketing

Superior Hotel Award

Torchbearer Award - Holiday Inn, multiple locations (2-time winner)

Washington Cup



At Allen & O'Hara, we take great pride in what we do and we strive for excellence.

Here is a list of awards we are proud to have won over the last 40 years.


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